Diving Stories

Here you’ll find all interesting diving stories, for example about the first dive (called Try Scuba), our honest feedback on some diving centers, diving and camera equipment and must haves for beginners. We`ll be adding more and more, so stay tuned.


Our Underwater Camera Equipment – The Sony A6000 and the SeaFrogs Housing

All parts of our underwater camera equipment and why we've decided for Sea Frogs and the Sony [...]
Diving Center Koh Tao

How to Find a Suitable Diving Center for Beginners

Tips about how to find a suitable diving center when you’re just starting with scuba diving [...]
First Time Scuba Diving in Australia

The Try Dive: What to Expect and Consider before Your First Time Scuba Diving

Wanna try diving? Everything you need to know about your first time breathing underwater [...]